Be Part of It.

The issue I have with documenting my journey through words is I will never be able to write enough. I can never write well enough, long enough, detailed enough, eloquently or gritty enough for you to see Asia the way Asia deserves to be seen. The way I have seen through my eyes, through fake ray bans or a decade old motorbike helmet. For you to feel the swelter of heat and grime seeping through my sunburned skin, or feel the curiosity as my now weathered hands pat the head of every child interested in our differences, speaking english, or lets face it…money. I can’t create words that will epitomize for you taste. The comforting ingestion of loose nepali milk tea so fresh the second you put the cup down a layer of skin forms again atop the milk. I can’t simply write so that you can ever taste the skin of fresh yak milk in Kathmandu. I can tell you how the Malay people strictly eat with their hands gathering fresh curries from a buffet line piling lamb stomach curry atop river fish curry atop a lump of steamed white rice and when you dig in as they do you feel every grain on your fingertips as it absorbs the mixtures of two delectably spicy curries so delicious and intriguing that the flavors connect your stream of conscienceness to that of a native Malays the way your hand, brown from dust connects to your mouth. I can only give you a walk through of the way I see each culture come together. First with the way they say hello, the variety of cuisine, the music, landscape, utensils or lack there of, government or lack there of, religion, the climate, the smells, infrastructure, rituals, transport, currencies, markets, they way they smile, their sense of humor, their pride, their country. Every one unique, every piece of every culture fitting with a perfect balance between perfect harmony and utter chaos. Traveling for months on end is an experience, traveling alone is a special one, a moment in time when you are not on anyone else’s timetable except your own and you learn. Period. You just learn. You learn of life, of yourself, of the world and the part you might chose to play. You are not distracted by anyone besides your own wild elephant mind, but that mind of yours when left alone allows you to see that the experience is all in the details. So then you learn to pay attention. Similar to most of the tone languages in South East Asia, the slightest change in pronunciation and the meaning is entirely different. I feel as though my inability to speak Vietnamese, or Thai or anything besides English is comparable to my inability to properly describe my experience as a whole. Because it is in the details, the details which I will fail horribly to convey and you will lose the essence of what this journey was all about. I am soon headed to trek into the Himalayas and I will re enter the world of posting on this blog upon my return. My preface of this return being that you can read my words or a million books, you can eat all of the Asian -American dishes your stomach can handle, you can even watch the movies; But I warn you Asia will never be Asia until you dive in with each one of your senses for yourself.

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