To My Dearest Andres

Never Let Me Go
We walked together every morning, Andreas and I, through the flowery hills of our new temporary home in Vietnam. I remember the way I loved his presence. Either we chased each other or were hand in hand, whatever it was, we were laughing, we were always laughing. I played us music, one bud in his ear one in mine and we strolled dependent on one another. That morning we walked up through the old french inspired villas of a colony from long, long ago. Softly the song slowed through our ears, and expressed in a way everything we couldn’t. He listened intently, I could tell by the way he looked at me, he ingested those lyrics. It was as if we were the simulation of the story. 
‘Tell me that you need me more and more every day. Never let me go, just stay.’ 
We were happy in this brisk February morning halfway across the globe.  All the world was ours. I was lucky, he was a young prince of sorts. If only because he treated me like a princess. In this small moment I never wanted him to let me go. Until of course, I did. Until the time comes. The song ends and our worlds part. Then I needed him to let me go. 

Paige Sommer

Travel has always encouraged my creative appetite for documenting compelling stories that will enlighten the public on the social and cultural developments of our world. I'm looking for the light in even the most bleak humanitarian situations, the inspirational stories that can become a catalyst for significant change. Most recently, my work has been featured in,, Find me on Instagram @_Sommertime_ and Twitter: @Paigesommer

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