My curiosity leads me down enlightening roads, through extraordinary countries, and opens me up to profound teachings on spirituality and humanity. My passion for journalistic storytelling allows me to capture these human experiences in all their truth  in every walk of life through photography, through film, and through words.

Travel encouraged my creative appetite for documenting stories as a way to enlighten the public on the significance of social, cultural, and humanitarian developments in our world.

After over a year of travel, I keep my pulse on the happenings of the world at a middle eastern news channel out of the United Nations as an Associate Producer.

Essentially, I am a seeker. I will always be looking for inspirational, thought-provoking stories that have the power to be a catalyst for powerful individual and collective change.

Currently, I am a resident of New York City, studying the art of documentary film at the School of Visual Arts. Most recently, my work has been featured in, Elephant Journal, and Reset.me. Find me on Twitter, and Instagram or connect with me below!

In general, life is good.

In specific, it is excellent. – Dan Eldon